Seafood Rice Soup

Summary: A soup for any time of the day full of nutritional goodness and rich in Cambodia’s favourite two ingredients of fish and rice. Serve as a starter or main meal....


Khmer Vegetable Soup

Summary: A soup rich with flavours from Cambodia that will brighten up any meal with its sweet and sour taste. This soup will not only surprise you it will delight you....


Khmer Chicken Tamarind

Summary: This is a beautiful sweet and spicy recipe full of Cambodian heritage and nutritional goodness. Its a meal that you definately eat with your hands, along with rice and salad....


Khmer Chicken Curry

Summary: A sweet and spicy curry which will set your taste buds alight with its flavours. This is a dish for all seasons and great accompanied with a fruity white wine....


Fried Seafood with Khmer Pepper

Summary: This quick and easy dish to make is full of vibrant tastes from the heart of Cambodia’s traditional cusine of fish and pepper. A treat for you and your family....


Fried Fish with Ginger

Summary: If you are a fan of ginger this recipe is just for you as the refreshing scent and sharp flavour fuses perfectly with the fish to create an aromatic delight!...


Fish Amok

Summary: This is one of Cambodia’s most well known and popular dishes which incorporates the country’s finest ingredients from fish to chillies, to coconut to lemon grass. A truly inspiring dish....

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